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Safe hands – Save Money!

The 'All in One' Service
Protect your property from care fees, create Lasting Powers
of Attorney for you and the whole family and freeze your funeral costs
while saving hundreds of pounds.


Safe hands – Save Money!

Through our partner Assured & Legal we’re offering clients a superb offer to help protect and prepare during these times of heightened concern

The ‘all in one’ offer was launched back in early March by our partner before we were all faced with the Covid-19 lockdown and the ongoing circumstances. However the offer has been made more relevant by these circumstances and they have updated the offers content in response and we have included storage free of charge for 5 years and then at a fixed cost of £25 per year. The offer covers the three big concerns.

The 3 Big Concerns

The 3 biggest concerns, or those raised most frequently by our clients, year after year have been the 3 events which most impact the majority of people’s estates.

Many of the older generation (50 years plus) are fearful of losing their homes in the event they need to go into care because of dementia. They also want to know that someone they know and love can act for them should they lose their ability to make decisions for themselves, rather than a faceless government entity and last but by no means least, more and more of us are concerned about funeral costs and their continual rise!

Covering the 3 Big Concerns

The ‘all in one’ offer builds a robust legal ring fence around these concerns, protecting the home for your beneficiaries, establishing Attorneys of your choice to be legally allowed to act on your behalf and freezing funeral costs at today’s prices, actually slightly less*, while at the same time saving clients circa £1900 off high street costs.


Because of the dreadful circumstances caused by the Covid-19 epidemic we are extending the content of the offer. The original offer included a set of Lasting Power of Attorney documents for each client. Until further notice we will include up to 5 sets of Lasting Power of Attorney documents which will provide the said legal documents for twice the size of the average household in the UK.


High St. Average
A&L Offer
2 x wills including Property Trust
Lasting Powers of Attorney for 1 client
Lasting Powers for 4 family members/friends
Funeral Plan (Not inc. Limousines**)
circa £3600


* In 2018 the average cost of a funeral was £4,271 in the UK and this is predicted to rise to £5,120 by 2023 - Age UK ** This is the cost of a standard plan including disbursements but not including limousines or the cost of a burial plot

Client Friendly 0% Payment Options with 15% deposit


Lasting Powers of Attorney

A brief insight into Lasting Powers of Attorney from our partners Assured & Legal followed by a short article from the BBC 1 One Show on not having them in place.

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'All in One' is the perfect solution for maximum protection while saving money.



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