Example Personal web message

The example page shown here is just that, the changes we make for you are detailed below.


The changes you can make.

You can leave a message in text on the page if you wish, it could be a simple message such as...

... "My darling son & grandchildren, if this is the first time you've seen this webpage you are likely in the midst of grief as I have only just gone. Dry your eyes if tears are being shed I've had a good life and I'm lucky enough to have been given your love. I have left a message for you my son and a message for my grandchildren which they can listen to when they are older if they like"...

Then below in each band we'll link your audio files and when clicked on a laptop, computer, tablet or phone will play.


Colour, images & inserts

You can include 2 or 3 images if you wish, the colour of the black bands can be your colour of choice, and as noted sound files and a video file can be added. You will be able to review the page to make sure it is as you wish. Once complete it will remain offline so it cannot be accidently stumbled across by a family member. On passing on the page is set live and the web address provided to your executors for distribution.

Below are example sound files and and two example video, they are not real examples for fairly obvious privacy reasons. Advice on recording and/or video if you are unsure can be provided.

For my son I wanted you to... (Example recording is instruction on recordings)

For my grandchildren these words... (Example recording is instruction on recordings)


Southbank / London 2012 / Samsung Galaxy S3

Video Examples

We have used 2 videos taken with a smart phone, no special preparation or recording devices. The first is taken outside with a Samsung S3 a 7-8 year old phone now. As you can see the quality is excellent. We'd recommend a short test first to check picture and sound quality.

Video Example 2

The second video is an example of a sound and picture quality test, taken in normal indoor light, the subject sat at a desk 60cm from a Samsung S9 smartphone. It clearly demonstrates the quality achievable with only a phone!

Looking at your audience

If you want to make sure that you are looking at and speaking to your audience our advice is to place a sticky tab like the corner of a post it note just above the camera on your phone and look at the tab as speak.



Office / Romsey 2020 / Samsung Galaxy S9



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