Paper & Digital delivering secure storage for documents and a digital platform for that special message

thoSe who put themselves in harms way

For the benefit of us all! (inc. all frontline services during the Covid-19 epidemic)


Personal Messaging from Beyond

There are those such as soldiers, Navy personnel, RAF pilots, Fire Crew, Policemen and women who are in harm’s way on a daily basis. In these times of the Covid-19 pandemic the lines of harm’s way and who put’s themselves in harm’s way for the benefit of others have become a touch blurred. The staff of the NHS and the staff of care homes without question are putting themselves in harm’s way.  

As a show of our appreciation we are expanding this offer (the 'All in One' offer) to include all those who are in danger for the sole reason of helping others. All parties who do such work can use our service to leave a private video message for a loved one should disaster strike, up to 4 video messages on 4 pages allowing for privacy, free of charge. The only requirement is that your will is held in storgage with our service, you and your executors have storage certificates for the retrieval. (see the notes below 'Paper Digital Legal Storage')

How Does it Work?

The Digital Asset section of our storage service includes a private webpage which can include videos and sound files allowing those in harm’s way to prepare a final message for loved ones. There might be things that have been left unsaid that you’d like to make sure your loved one hears if you lose your life. If necessary we can guide you on making a video or sound file, there is an example page here with some detail on what you can do. We will create your page(s) and insert your recordings and video. You will be provided with a form to complete to instruct your executors who the message or messages are for. When we are asked to deliver your will to your executors your page is set live and your instructions are passed to your executors.

Wherever in the country or the world for that matter that loved one(s) reside, a secure web address will be sent to them and once they have opened the page, with a simple click they will be listening to your voice or watching you on screen as you speak personally with them.

Paper and Digital Legal Storage

We store Wills, Lasting Powers of Attorney and such for our clients, they, and their executors have storage certificates for retrieval. We also supply storage for digital assets most commonly a list of passwords for online social media accounts and laptops/tablets etc.

However we also provide a service for the delivery after death of a special message for loved ones via a personal webpage holding sound recordings and video if required.

The pages are not published live until after the death of the client. We are signalled of this by the collection of the will, client instructions are then followed, normally it being as straight forward as making sure the executors know who to send a link to and to which page if there are more than one.

Legal Storage Services

For all those who put themselves in harms way for the benefit of others our storage services are half price (not exceeding £25 per year) plus the personal webpage and recodings service is included free of charge even with the most basic storage, click here for details.

A Message from Beyond

Our research with the client base of our partner Assured & Legal was very positive with virtually everyone spoken with liking the idea that they may be able to give their loved ones some ease with a special message while knowing that it would not be accidentally discovered by the recipient as it would only be published online after death.

Uses include;
  • A special conversation to a loved one from a member of the armed forces who may lose their lives while away on active service.
  • A special goodbye to loved ones.
  • Conversations for the future for children as they grow up.
  • Confirmation of love for people, friends, family and voicing expectation that they do their best in their own lives and not to grieve too long.

If you'd like to leave that special message for loved ones call for further information without any obligation.



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